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Children are our most valuable asset. As a parent and former teacher, I understand the importance of having a voice when it comes to our children's education. I will work alongside our community, parents, students, and stakeholders to ensure that Monroe County schools continue to chart the course in leading Florida and the nation in educational excellence and our students' well-being.

Governor Ron DeSantis endorses Alexandria Suarez for Monroe County School Board!

Why Alexandria

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Meet Alexandria

Mother. Teacher. Attorney.

Meet Alexandria Suarez: a mother of six who has lived and worked in South Florida and the Keys for most of her life. With children in tow, Alexandria earned her Bachelor's degree in English from Florida International University and served as a public middle school teacher for nearly a decade. Alexandria then entered the healthcare industry as a pharmaceutical representative throughout the Florida Keys in the areas of pediatrics, pulmonary and allergy medicine, and primary care.

In 2015, Alexandria earned a Juris Doctor, cum laude, from St. Thomas University School of Law and continued her passion for education as an Assisted Learning Instructor for lower classmen. By 2016, Alexandria was practicing family law and continued to serve her community as a Big Brother/Big Sister mentor, an animal advocate in the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and as an annual speaker on ethical governance in high schools on behalf of the Miami Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust. In 2020, Alexandria joined the Monroe County State Attorney's office as an Assistant State Attorney.

Alexandria's passion for the well-being of our children, protection of our district's natural resources, and the challenges our community faces, led her to run for State Representative in 2020.  

Suarez for School Board

My Promise to you
and your

Today, education faces a real dilemma in our nation. The infiltration of anything other than student learning and critical thinking is unacceptable. My promise to you is this: I will fight to bring unaltered education and excellence back into the classroom so our children have the life skills and well-being that will best prepare them for the future. I will stand for freedom of expression and against marginalizing any student or parent. It is time real life skills and curriculum are taught and political agendas are placed aside. The classroom is not a pulpit for political conformation. It is a place for children to excel in learning, creativity and mental well-being!

The Issues We Face

As a District, as a State and as a Nation!


When educators planned out the 2019-2020 school year, no one could have anticipated the challenges we now face in and out of the classroom. While everyone has done their best to adapt, we must be ready to tackle our challenges with education's greatest stakeholders: our parents and our children. As a parent and former teacher, I understand the value in supporting programs that foster parental participation which promotes student success.


There is no place in our Key Largo School Board seat for one-sided political activism or miseducation that robs our children of their innocence, a solid education, and their mental well being.


Our children deserve quality teachers. As School Board member, I pledge to work with fellow School Board members to support teacher salaries that, not only attracts quality teachers, but also supports teacher retention.


Our children have the privilege of being surrounded by a globally unique landscape and a "small community" atmosphere to foster academic success. As School Board Member, I will support programs that propel student excellence and serve as an example for the rest of Florida and the nation.


Suarez promises to bring her experience as a teacher to the Monroe County School Board.

Key Largo, Fla. – Today, Alexandria Suarez announced that she will run for the Monroe County School Board, District 5. Suarez is currently an assistant state attorney in Monroe County. She has also served as a public school teacher with extensive teaching experience ranging from 2nd through 10th grade, including special needs, at risk, remedial, and gifted students. Suarez also served as the schoolwide Paideia coordinator during her tenure in middle school, where she led the socratic based program that successfully taught students how to think critically.

“I’m very excited to start our campaign for the Monroe County School Board,” said candidate Alexandria Suarez. “Parents deserve their input on important choices in our public education system and, as a parent and former teacher myself, I look forward to being their voice when elected. I will work hard with our community’s parents, students, teachers, fellow School Board members and other stakeholders to ensure that Monroe County students lead the state and nation in education.”

Suarez has extensive community experience in Monroe County and throughout South Florida. She previously served as a pharmaceutical representative throughout the Florida Keys. She’s worked with the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust. Her passion for her community led Suarez to run for State Representative in 2020.

“I’m pursuing this office because I’m committed to the issues important to students and parents in my community,” said Suarez. “I look forward to sharing my message on the campaign trail in the coming months.” 

Suarez for School Board

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